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Subject: Fare and FilthFare and Filth
By slightlytwisted
Contains Urination and ScatIf you like this story please contact me on twistednymphohotmail.comThis is a true story that happened to me if you want to hear more please
contact me, If you like this kind of stuff please contact me, and finally if
you think I write well please encourage me to tell you more of my life.Before the story starts I suppose I should begin with telling you my name,
its Matthew. I've just turned eighteen but as you I have been sexually
active for a lot longer. I remember when I first began to fall for the
taste of shit and piss, I have always known I was gay that was never a issue
for me, Not a pansy gay I mean I've got scars from falling off trees when I
was younger and a few stories of broken bones but yeah I've always had a
taste for men, tough men, men who knew what they wanted and how to get it,
men who knew how to make me feel worthless and wanted. Anyway so how did I
fall into piss and shit fun? Well that's a simply story, I always have a
wank when I take a shit and around the age of thirteen I would find my
fingers creeping under my hard cock and towards my arse. I always tried to
stop myself knowing how dirty my arse was and how dirty I would get. One
day however I was so hot and horny I went for it my fingers caressed the
dirty hole and I plunged a finger in. It felt so good the warmth of my shit
and as I took my finger from my arse I felt waves of pleasure. My interest
in shit grew from there and as I developed tastes for shit I went onto piss
and have grown so addicted to the taste the toilet is lucky if it ever sees
my arse.Anyway this story takes place on my sixteenth birthday I had just spent the
evening in my local gay bar after blagging my way in. I was slightly drunk
as I left the bar and was waiting for a taxi to pick me up it was fairly
late and cold and I was lucky as the third cab I tried to wave down stopped
and took me in. I sat in the front seat and asked the guy how much it would
cost to my house he mumbled something and replied "about twenty quid mate"
this worked fine for me as I had most of my money left over from the bar,
its handy when your young and cute you get most drinks bought for you. So
the guy starts driving me xxx lolitas preteens angels home and as taxi guys do started up a
conversation."So have you been having a good evening?" he asked"Yeah not to bad thanks" I said trying to act calm and cool as I tried to
restrain my tipsiness."Cool, Cool" he said " So nice outfit you got on there how did the guys like
it?"I looked down at my clothes, I was wearing typical black jeans and a tight
black t-shirt with just a jean jacket on top it was nothing special but then
it did show my body off a bit. Back then I was about 5'9 and nice smooth
tanned skin the bonus of having a Spanish mother I suppose"Yeah well I had enough drinks for me so I suppose those guys liked it
enough" I laughed. Shit how dumb was I? The guy's mouth broke into a smile
as I realised what I had said. I had just told the guy that I had been in a
gay club."So you are gay then!" he smirked "I knew you were""Hey listen, please your not going to do or say anything are you?" I begged,
"I just, I just wanna go home""Hey relax" he said "Its cool don't worry I just was curious that's all
relax..." He moved his hand onto my knee and squeezed it reassuringly
"Everything is cool see" His hand didn't move and continued to squeeze my
knee"Yeah" I muttered as I looked at his hand "Everything's cool"It was now that I started to look this guy over. He was Asian with
jet-black hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing simply clothes, blue
jeans and a black jumper. I watched his hand as he drove the car. It was
slowly rubbing up my leg getting closer and closer to my crotch."So" he said "You like sex with a guy yes?""Yes" I replied, "I do""So come on be honest with me have you ever had sex with a real guy?""Only with guys my own age" I replied (not completely truthful as later
stories will show)"I find that hard to believe a cute guy like you" His hand was on my crotch
now slowly bringing me to arousal, I was finding it hard to fight the
tipsiness the whole situation seemed to be like a dream."Well I said most guys find my sexual habits a little bizarre""Oh really" He smirked "And what would these habits be?""Well I like guys who are dirty, but I mean really dirty""How do you mean" He said I noticed his voice had become a low soothing
tone. I looked down to realise he had undone my trouser button and was
slowly unzipping me to reveal a tight pair of boxers."If a guy hasn't washed for a few days that's hot" I said, "And if a guy
hasn't washed his arse for a while that's really hot, and if he doesn't wipe
after he goes for a shit that really turns me on!""You mean like shit, you like guys shit?""Yeah" I admitted feeling slightly ashamed"Well hot" he smirked "that is really hot!"I now started to come back to reality slightly I looked out the window we
were driving along so backcountry road. The car started to slow down and we
parked sun lolita bbs toplist in some dark ravine by the road. The guy turned to me and smiled.
This was the first time I had looked at him so intently. He was a fairly
nice looking guy not a great looker but hey. His hands were now away from
my crotch and he grabbed me by the neck and pulled me close."Kiss me you sick little bitch"Our lips met in a deep powerful kiss his tongue went straight into my mouth
intensely probing me I felt overwhelmed and in his complete control. He
pulled off his jumper and revealed his chest. I was in heaven his chest was
slightly chunky with a thick mat of black hair all over it, He lifted his
arm and said"Smell me you bitch, that's man scent, a real Asian man's scent"I let him drag my head into his 9 12 yo lolitas pit and I inhaled deep in was the best
smell. He reeked of sweat as if he had been wearing that jumper for a few
days without washing. His hands let go of my body so I could recoil back to
my seat. Immediately he undid his seat belt and began to undo his trousers.
I looked down at my seatbelt and undid it to only to be dragged
immediately towards his crotch. His dick was a soft tanned colour, he was
soft and pointing his dick at my face."So you like a guy dirty do you how about sucking this lot down you nasty
shit"His stream hit my face with a force that pushed me backwards as his piss
splashed across my face and into my eyes. It burned my eyes but I jumped at
his dick with my mouth wide open letting him flood my mouth with his
delicious juice. I could hear him moaning in ecstasy as I drank as much of
his piss as I could, I wanted to tease him even more as I whirled my tongue
into the piss stream and through his foreskin."Yeah that's nice bitch! Like that dick"I was in heaven his dick tasted like his pits might. He didn't wash his
dick a lot as my tongue tasted the collection of days of sweat and grime.He pulled me off his dick and aimed his piss at my chest and trousers and as
he finally stopped the flow I was soaked enough for his pleasure."So you like it dirty like this do you?" He said darkly "Or can you take a
little more""I can take as much as you can preteen lolita glamour photos
give" I replied with confidence"Good" he said, "Get out the car"I opened the door and stood out as he did the same. It may have been dark
but it was the middle of summer so it wasn't cold or anything he led me a
little away from the car deeper into the trees."Come here" he said I walked closer. He kissed me on the lips using the
same intensity as the previous kiss. He then threw me to the floor my head
hit a broken branch but he was undaunted as he pulled down my trousers and
boxers revealing my hard cock. He looked at my dick with a smile, I'm
guessing my 7 inches pleased him. He jumped to the floor and lifted my legs
up exposing my arse. With lightening speed he thrust his thumb deep into my
arse. I screamed in pain mixed with pleasure as he broke in through my hole
and began to inspect my insides with his thumb. Again with speed he ripped
his thumb out of me making me scream again. He admired his thumb and licked
along the side. He smiled darkly and brought lolita hot young brunette the thumb to my mouth the waft
of shit hit my nose, my shit and he smeared it across my lips. I looked
into his eyes as he watched me. There was a brief moment and then I licked
the shit from my mouth. "More" I begged as I looked up 9 12 yo lolitas at him "More!""So you like your own shit its very tasty, but how about tasting a real
Asians shit!"He tore off his trousers and turned to show 9 12 yo lolitas me sexo con lolitas fotos his arse I could see it
through the dark. My idea of heaven a tanned curvy arse covered in hair.
He pulled apart the cheeks to show me a smear across his hole as it started
to open showing a tip of shit coming through. I jumped from the floor and
grabbed his legs clamping my mouth to his hole as his shit started to enter
my mouth. It broke off as I pulled away trying to eat what I had "NO!" he
shouted as he let the weight in his legs go and sat on my face forcing my
head to the ground with a smack his arse was now clamped on top of my mouth.
I couldn't pull away I couldn't shut my mouth he just kept pushing more
shit into my mouth. I managed to swallow some and shut my teeth trying to
prevent the flow. "Nice try" he laughed but he shoved two fingers into my
hole making me cry in pleasure. I screamed in horror as he shoved my shit
in my mouth. I tried to push him off but his weight was too much. I
couldn't breath anymore the smell of shit was the only thing I could smell,
my eyes began to lose vision and I blacked out.I woke sun lolita bbs toplist
a few moments later with him slapping my face."Hey you ok? Are you ok?" He sounded panicked"yeah... yeah I'm fine" I replied wiping the shit from my mouth"God sorry I lost control""No it's cool it's fine" I said trying to reassure him"I'm so sorry" he said "I am so sorry for doing this to you" he picked me up
and tried to dust me off"Look I said I'm fine" I pushed him away "Just take me home ok""Ok I'm sorry I'm so sorry"What he would never realised was that he had completely turned me off, not
with the passing out and not with the shit but with his pansy attitude. But
as I would later find out, not all men alt binaries pictures lolitas
would act like girls.Sorry to report this but if you like this kind of stuff please contact me,
and finally if you think I write well please encourage me to tell you more
of my life.
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